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This didn't cost anything.

name/alter ego : Annie.
location: Canberra, Australia.
D.O.B.: 26/07/89
sign: Leo.
gender: Female.
sexual orientation: Hetero..
ethnicity: Anglo.
(wannabe)occupation: Fireman.
virginity?: Non-existant.
relationship status: I go out with a boy..
height: Around 155 centimetres. (I don't know what it is in feet or whatever..)
weight: I dunno..
hair: Short and brown with some blonde chunks.
eyes: Dark brown/black.
piercings: My left is pierced twice, one is stretched to 6g, and my right once, also stretched to 6g.
tattoos: None.
favorite part of yourself: If anything, my neck.
makeup preferences: Well...I'm generally too lazy to wear make up.
clothes (stores/brands?) : Whatever appeals to me, I haven't bought much in awhile. Usually just whatever jeans and a shirt of some description..
favorite piece of clothing: A shirt I got for $1 from an op-shop. It's yellow and has pictures of koalas on it and says, "Koalas, Australia." Also my Cursive shirt, and the shirt I'm wearing as we speak which is just blue and stripey.
favorite accessory: My watch, haha.
shoes: Chucks. They're so comfy.
books: Ariel, by Sylvia Plath...
movies: Lol....Welcome to the dollhouse, Ghostworld, My First Mister, The Little Mermaid..
favorite toys: Haha, my bubble blowing stuff.
drink/smoke/drugs/sxe: I enjoy beer and weed occasionally.
love: Is too huge for me to grasp.
hate: I hate Big Macs and feet.
prude/promiscuous: Prudes remind me of prunes. Promiscuous? I don't think I'm either....
crushes: Where to start? Boringly boyfriend.
who you wanna get it on with: Brandon!! Oh, for sure.
other communities you belong to: None..I'm a community virgin.
why do you want to be a part of The___Dollhouse?: Because of all the communities on LiveJournal, it looks coolest. Welcome To The Dollhouse is the best.
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